Did you know you're designed to live in community?

Life is Better Together

The best example of how to get and be involved is from Jesus. Outside of attending synagogue, He also did something equally important which was being involved in a group. He got together with His best friends and other disciples to maintain consistent relationships with them. These people served, helped, and even ministered with Him.

We formed our LifeGroups with this in mind, so whether you are a new believer just starting out, or someone who has been on this journey for some time, we have opportunities for you.
Check us out and we can help get you connected to a LifeGroup today. 

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Led by: Robert & Denise Null
Learn. Live. Love! This group for ages 55+ is all about day trips, game nights, meals that are shared and doing fun things around our great state. You will love spending time with this group once a month as you grow closer to God.


Led by: Brian & Peggy Leonard
Unlimited meets together at 7:00pm every other Thursday at the home of Brian and Peggy Leonard. This older couples group digs into God's Word to deepen their faith and friendships!
Phone:  405.574.5732

Sign Language

Led by: Bonnie Miracle
With American Sign Language lessons, we have the ability to communicate with everyone we meet. Every Wednesday at 6:00pm, we delve into this beautiful language in order to grow and sharpen our sign skills!

In Depth

Led by: Tony Miracle
If you are looking for a deeper connection to God's Word and closer look at scripture, we would love to have you for In Depth, a Bible Study. Join us at the Miracle's Home every Wednesday at 6:30pm.

Wholly Devoted

Led by: Kristen McGregor & Natalie Hearrell
This LifeGroup enjoys doing life together while learning how to be fully devoted followers of Christ. We will laugh hard and often as we grow spiritually and build lasting friendships every first and third Wednesday of the month at 6:00pm.